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Sayings love

Sayings love – word to the wise words of English is a very beautiful thing to expressed. We, as people of Indonesia is very like to carve beautiful words in the English language in many places.

Sayings loveĀ  and Respect our parents. We often are so busy growing up, but we forget they are also growing old.

alone does not mean lonely, and loneliness does not mean you’re alone.

You only live once, but if you live it right, once it has been very quite

You are you, nothing is more similar to you than your own

“Sometimes people look good, Not in looks. Not in what they say. But it is not what they do.”

“” Things change. And friends leave. But life does not stop for anyone. “‘

“People are not born to be good or bad. Maybe they were born with a tendency to be a good person, but the way you live your life is the most important.”

Sayings love
“Remember, today, today enjoy, and feel, and you will not regret if this day has been missed”

“He who wants to keep on living, it will be strong to face anything”
“The word motivation Aphorisms”

Sayings love

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